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"The Earth is the LORD's and the fulness thereof."  Psalm 24:1

Atlantic County's Largest Corn Maze


Our maze is separated into two phases of difficulty this year: Redneck Challenge and Hillbilly Mayhem. Both mazes offer games and activities to spice up your adventure.  


Redneck challenge is a perfect family walk with the map or may be a longer family challenge without it.  A short cut through the Redneck Challenge provides a quick escape for families with small children if needed.  


Hillbilly Mayhem provides games and maze wanderer challenges to satisfy the more adventurous of our guests. Visit our farm today to spend a fun-filled day with your family and friends.

Atlantic County's Best Corn Maze

Located in Galloway, NJ our farm boasts corn mazes spanning from 7 to 11 acres of farm land. With several miles of twists and turns, our mazes are guaranteed to challenge you and your kids at every corner.   The large size is what provides enough corn stalks to as the "pixels" that give us our detailed corn maze designs.  


Creative Corn Maze Designs

The shape of our corn maze design has changes each to feature such favorite South Jersey or Delaware Valley icons as The Philadelphia Eagles, The Philadelphia Phillies, The NJ State Quarter, Jersey Devils: 144th Fighter Wing, Battleship NJ, Lucy the Elephant, and now . . . the Cape May County Zoo.

What to Expect

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Our 2016 corn maze aerial image featuring: The Cape May County Zoo!