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"The Earth is the LORD's and the fulness thereof."  Psalm 24:1

Gallery16 Hayride

Make Our Hayrides Your Family Tradition

Visit our farms and try out our old-fashioned hayride to the Pumpkin Patch.  The scenic beauty of South Jersey's farm land is on full display with our hayrides.  


Our hayrides are a truly family-friendly activity. Your children will love tractor driven hayrides around the farm.  Make them a family tradition!

Hayrides to the Pumpkin Patch

Our New Tractor Driven Wagons

Enjoying the Farm Together

The tractor-driven hayride atmosphere can serve as a great ice breaker for groups and parties or can provide as a lovely, low key corporate team building environment.  Hayrides travel from the farm courtyard to the pumpkin patch where guests have the option to step off and pick their own pumpkins or to stay on and continue enjoying the ride.  All guests have unlimited access to hayrides with even the most basic admission.